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Hey!  I’m Jaime Boyachek, a Registered Nurse and Transformational Health Coach who specializes in functional and integrative wellness. I help overwhelmed, frustrated, passionate women reclaim their sanity and health by adopting a healthy lifestyle so that they can enjoy life again.

Growing up I have always struggled with my health. I had headaches every single day, multiple stomach problems, mood, and hormone imbalances and really struggled to find that inner peace and joy to embrace life to the fullest. I have been to numerous conventional doctors over the years trying to find answers and never truly getting the help I needed.  For awhile, I thought this was just how my life was and I needed to just suck it up and deal with it like I was told by many. Well, that didn’t work for long.

I thought I could do a lot on my own so I spent countless hours researching and trying new and different things and I have to admit I did make some progress in my life. When I was in nursing school I found out I had an issue with gluten. When I  finally removed gluten from my diet back in 2004 I saw a huge difference in my stomach problems and no longer dealt with daily headaches and migraines.

Just as life sometimes goes,  I had some setbacks, some trauma and huge life stressors that all put a strain on my health. I was still functioning “fairly normal” but inside was such as an emotional, chaotic struggle to push myself to do anything.  Getting out of bed, exercising, driving my kids around and just talking to people all seemed such a struggle and seemed to drain any energy I had.

During a short period of time, I basically had the perfect storm hit and things took a turn for the worst.   I ended up in the ER with a lot of testing done but no answers.   I felt lost, frustrated, unsupported without much hope, but by God’s grace, I was able to get in to see a Functional Medicine Doctor, who had a year waiting list.  He was quickly  able to uncover some of the root causes of what was wreaking havoc on my health.  It wasn’t until I started working with him and a nutrition coach that I was able to see the bigger picture, fill in those gaps that I had missed and even didn’t know existed.

I know I needed to eat healthy and I sort of thought I was, but found out I wasn’t doing what I should for ME.

I learned a lot about the connection between the health of our gut and the health of our mind.  It was when I finally felt consistently hopeful even when certain things I was trying didn’t seem to be helping. I also learned many things along the way that have worked and those that haven’t.

I definitely believe that our Body, Mind and Spirit all function together and the health of all three of those is what’s important . I know when I found that hope, encouragement and support I was able to apply all of the knowledge I had and really start to make a difference in my health and my life.  There was a huge weight that had been lifted off of my shoulders and I feel like I had the  freedom to enjoy life again.

I decided I couldn’t keep this new found health and zest for life to myself and wanted, no needed to share that gift with you sweet friend!


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