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I’ll Help Guide You To Better Health

Hi, I’m Jaime Boyachek, Your Functional Nurse and Health Coach. Working with YOU and for YOU to find root causes of what could be causing your health problems, by supporting your through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Clarity, Support, and Collaboration

As a Functional Nurse and Health Coach, I’ve gone beyond the conventional training of many healthcare providers. My studies, education, and applications allow me to start just about where others have left you feeling confused and worried. I cover several items included in a standard protocol in conjunction with a natural and holistic approach to health so you can finally have clarity about your health.

Functional Nutrition knows the “body is not just a collection of different systems, but a network of interconnected systems.” I look at each client as a unique individual with their own special needs. I strive to create a strong relationship with each client so I can provide the best support possible in helping them achieve their specific health and wellness goals. I also work in partnership with other practitioners to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to wellness.

Reverse Your Symptoms

I look forward to providing you with personalized support, guidance, accountability, and education while we work together to to regain your health. Just think about how great it will feel to reverse the symptoms of autoimmunity, digestion issues, hormonal imbalances, headaches, blood sugar imbalances, fatigue, stress and more. I’m excited to help you bring your body back into balance naturally, so you can finally feel like yourself again, or even better!

Are you ready to:

  • Have increased energy?
  • Find your healthy weight?
  • Fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed?
  • Eliminate gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and after-meal discomfort?
  • Be able to think clearly again getting rid of brain fog?
  • Decrease your stress?
  • Reverse symptoms of chronic health issues?
  • Balance your hormones?
  • Decrease/eliminate mental and emotional depression and anxiety?
  • Improve condition of your skin, hair and nails?
  • Overcome the barriers keeping you stuck?
  • Increase your overall happiness and self confidence?
  • Have the support and accountability you need?

Have Jaime speak at your next Wellness Event!

One of my favorite ways to share the wellness message is through providing specialized talks and speaking engagements. Although my schedule is limited, I am still available on a case-by-case basis to provide talks on various nutrition and functional medicine topics.

For reference, here is a general list of speaking topics I’ve provided in the past.

  • “Detoxing your Life”Discussion on detoxing everything… from to your mind to your home.
  • “It’s about the Small Changes!”How making small changes with diet, exercise, stress reduction sunlight and other techniques can lead to a big impact in your health.
  • “How Food Effects your Mood”
  • “The Sneaky Mom: how to finally get your kids to eat healthy!”

Would you like to have Jaime speak at your next Wellness Event?

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1:1 Coaching and Wellness Courses!

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